About Ryan

MoorsBar copyAfter many years of scouring the depths of my mind, studying the eccentricities and absurdities of human behaviour, realising the absolute truths of existence, I have managed to encapsulate the great wisdom of the ages into 3 minute toe-tapping little ditties that are sure to wiggle their way into your worldview and spraypaint graffiti all over your most revered convictions about the nature reality.

After 20 years as a successful yoga teacher and a failed guru (not a single disciple to speak of) these songs began sprouting out of me. Since then I’ve recorded 2 albums and developed a super fun show with elements of spirituality, psychology, philosophy, stand-up comedy and audience participation that will make you think and make you laugh.

I hope you enjoy my music and that the humour keeps you distracted while the epiphanies sneak in and steal your wallet.